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“new in” – BLTEE Brian Lichtenbergs dope sweaters…

…during my short visit to London a month ago…damn time flies…I could not really find peace, I was craving for a buy…so I did my usual routine, matches, brown etc. and I saw this cool sweater in orange and I … Continue reading

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#Stripemania – got to me :)

  Sripes – Lines call it whatever u want, it just got me. ..be sure that this trend is going to be around us for a while… I bought these pants for 14.90 Euros…yeap! I just luv H&M!!! …please do … Continue reading

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“like you are an *ANGEL*

This month, my winery launched a new wine at the prestige  “Hyatt wine fair” in Belgrade. The opening was in front of a big crowd of wine lovers on the 21st of December, on the exact day when Mayans predicted … Continue reading

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“5″ simple questions to “FC Bayern Munich” B-Baller Robin Benzing “Beamer Benzing Bentley”

Hey guys…it is me again and I just can’t believe how fast a week went by…2day we got 5 questions for Bayern Munich Youngster Robin Benzing. Robin Benzing, the guy with the sleeve on his left arm…and this is just … Continue reading

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  The first Nike AF1 debuted in 1982, it was the first Nike basketball sneaker with Air technology. The AF1 changed the game. It looked fresh, off the court, in all white, as a low-top combined with kaki-shorts. But also on the … Continue reading

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…between “Seasons”

  Hey u guys, That’s it… winter has arrived… that means bringing out our winter clothes and getting rid of all the stuff we wear during the summer…at least that is how I do it! I like to put everything … Continue reading

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Shop until u Drop “Mulackstrasse” Berlin…

Hey guys, I hope u did not leave the house already to get your first x-mas gifts for all your loved ones… if u are sitting at home and u ain’t got a clue where to go… or u hate … Continue reading