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mood board #6 = HOUSTON – FASHION – STYLE – BODY – SOUL

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  The first Nike AF1 debuted in 1982, it was the first Nike basketball sneaker with Air technology. The AF1 changed the game. It looked fresh, off the court, in all white, as a low-top combined with kaki-shorts. But also on the … Continue reading

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Time for Online Shopping…

…if you are not located in the fashion hot spots like New York, Paris or Berlin and still want to get the newest and most exclusive stuff there is no other way but to shop online. I prefer to dress nicely … Continue reading

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…”5″ simple questions to Ulmers Basketball Player & darling of the Beko BBL “Per Günther”

Hey guys…today I got something for the sports people out there…especially for those who are interested in Basketball…those who follow the Beko BBL every now and then & of course for all those Ulmer and “Per Günther” fans out there. First of all I … Continue reading