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TO ALL MY FRIENDS – by Jovana Antovic

There is a saying: “God gave us friends to apologize for our families”. We find those friends in order to find ourselves. Some of them we meet in our early childhood, some we connect to in school, but there are … Continue reading

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Barcelona #home#trip#weekend

…#Eastern#friendship#love#fashion#Style#Berlin #Munich#Germany#Turkey – Good morning Barcelona – …there are some things in life, that we are unable to appreciate at certain times in our life… for me Barcelona is probably that one thing, I was not able to realize how … Continue reading

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a day after the Top 4 in b-town city – let’s check out what “Jared Homan” FC Bayern Munich has to say

Jared Homan is truly one of the protagonist for FC Bayern Munich…with his great performances under the basket and his physical play he is really the “shield” under the baskets, for Bayern Munich… arriving in the middle of last season, … Continue reading

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“TOP 4″ 2013 presented by b-town city…let’s check out what my fab 4 have to say…2nd “John Bryant” Ratiopharm Ulm

Ulms center John Bryant is really one of a kind, with his remarkable basketball skills and charisma he played himself immediately, not only into the hearts of Ulms Basketball scene, but he caught the whole BEKO BLL by surprise. MVP … Continue reading

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Berlin … IMPRESSION Part 2

“Anna Blume” Kollwitzstraße 83, 10435 Berlin …delicious breakfast & Cakes…be prepared to wait an hour for a table!!! “Rosenthaler Burger” …open 24 hours SLVR adidas …”SILVER” luving“The Grand” Hirtenstraße 4, 10178 Berlin …best food I had in a long time…please try … Continue reading