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…u do not know what to do with this rainy weather…maybe I can give u a hint :)

magazines…we always get them but never have time to really read them thoroughly…so use the rain & start to dream … I really enjoyed the exhibition showing “250 Hangbags” from the 16-21 Century…where? Bayerisches Nationalmuseum Munich organize your closet…it seems … Continue reading

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TIME …when do we learn to view time as one of the most precious things left to us?

Hey u guys….sorry I have been kind of busy the last 2 weeks! Travelling a lot enjoying my time with friends, working on some new stuff and by the end really trying to understand how time passes by that fast. … Continue reading

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a day after the Top 4 in b-town city – let’s check out what “Jared Homan” FC Bayern Munich has to say

Jared Homan is truly one of the protagonist for FC Bayern Munich…with his great performances under the basket and his physical play he is really the “shield” under the baskets, for Bayern Munich… arriving in the middle of last season, … Continue reading

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“5″ simple questions to “FC Bayern Munich” B-Baller Robin Benzing “Beamer Benzing Bentley”

Hey guys…it is me again and I just can’t believe how fast a week went by…2day we got 5 questions for Bayern Munich Youngster Robin Benzing. Robin Benzing, the guy with the sleeve on his left arm…and this is just … Continue reading