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“Eu te amo *Brasil*”…10 days…4 cities…amazing people & a little football :)

…back to life, back to reality … I think it’s going to take me a while to realize what my eyes have seen and what I felt during the last 10 days … maybe it is even more crazy cause … Continue reading

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“for whatever we lose – like a u or a me – it’s always ourselves we find in the seas”…#Barcelona a day on the #beach

Hey u guys, today I am reporting from yesterday’s day at the beach… First I went for a quick walk on my beautiful mountain, it’s the most quiet place on the planet … With the most amazing view!!!Sundays are usually … Continue reading

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Shop “H&M Fall Paris Runaway Collection” in stores out now…:) I did :)

Hello, …The “H&M Fall Paris Runaway Collection” is available in selected stores worldwide & online “NOW”!!! …all u *Fashionistas* better run to catch a piece. The collection has a bohemian touch with a slight east european influence to it, embroidered … Continue reading

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sunday *dreaming*

my favorite magazine i-D… …getting ready for a card session with my friends later this afternoon HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY …upsest with “CELINE”… …thinking about it, why not? Right?! …”Soho House Berlin” interior design kind a matched perfectly with my “adidas” sneakers… …INSPIRATION … Continue reading

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…one week in the life of “me”

…this is what my last week looked liked!!!

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  I am obsessed with this Purity Ring album at the moment. Montreal has been avant in the last 18 months or so, way-way avant. The first one to blow-up was Grimes, who I love for this video and this statement (caps mine): “MONTREAL … Continue reading