Hey guys,
Long time no see right…it has been more than a year since my last post on “Suburbia”… so I don’t wanna talk about what happened, what has been and what could have been.
I wanna introduce to u “Suburbia”…a little different from the last time, a lot has changed not only in my life!
…from the day that I started “Suburbia” in 2010 I moved 5 times, a Berliner would say: are u kidding, I changed my place 5 times in a month ☺
I did not only change from West Berlin to East Berlin, I changed 4 Countries and 5 places in 2 years…met new people, new places, new styles, new cultures and most of all a new me. ☺
…figured out, that the way we look at Fashion & Style is not only a combination of stereo types: lets call them urban, SWAG, Hipster, chic good looking human creatures…it is the place where u are raised at, traveled to, the sports u play, the second language u started to learn…the first contact with a different culture, your political view…it is a way of living & not even tabloids and magazines can control it – each one of us does it differently – and we have to be proud of it.
I would be a huge “schmuck” if I would think that I could fulfill all your needs by myself…cause I cannot!!!
…so I want to introduce to u 4 young people, who are all completely different from each other…the way they live, the way they think, the way they “believe” but all of them got one thing in common: the “Sense of themselves”… they are going to write on a daily basis, about their jobs, places they like to hang out, fashion they like to wear, art they believe in.
People they like to be around.
…I do not want to bore u guys any more ☺ so I hope u stick with us…and see u soon.






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