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…”5″ simple questions to Ulms “cutie pie” Philipp Schwethelm…get his look

This week we got “Ratiopharm Ulms” cutie-pie Philipp Schwethelm, 23 year old German National team player, who is the perfect example for those guys who just now how to dress right : Simple shirt, easy going jeans and a basic shoe…less is more, but of course if it would be that easy everybody would do it.

After he struggled last season in Bayern Munich, Philipp made the change to play for the 2nd best team in Germany: Ulm!

He started averaging almost 45% from the 3 point line…so I guess sometimes u just need to be brave and make the right decisions, even if it causes u to move from a big city like Munich to Ulm…

Thanks to Philipp

Kiss Ivana

1. …was it hard for u to adjust from Munich to Ulm…and at the end what is more important, the city u are in? or the team u play for?

To be honest it wasn’t hard to adjust at all. Ulm is a very successful team and has a great chemistry, which made it really easy for me. I felt comfortable from the very first second. Ulm is the fourth club I’m playing for right now. I played in big cities (Cologne and Munich) and smaller ones like Bremerhaven and Ulm. I always had a good time when we were successful as a team, so obviously I’m feeling great right now. The city is definitely only a bonus.

2. From who do u got your style… do u have an actor u like …. a show u watch? Where do u get your inspirations?

As u already said I don’t really try to be too fancy. Sometimes I see people wearing something nice in the town or in magazines like GQ. But most of the times I just buy stuff spontaneously if I see something nice in a store. Since my Girlfriend is really into fashion, her opinion is very important to me. I love going shopping with her. Personally I like to spend a little bit more on good quality instead of replacing stuff after two years. You can tell the difference, too.

3. I know u got a girlfriend ;) but what should a girl never wear on her first date?

Please don’t wear “Creoles” haha! Beside that I don’t like it, if women don’t smell good. So the Perfume is very important to me. For example I somehow don’t like “Jean Paul Gaultier” at all.4. I really do not wanna ask u that much about ball, cause I see u are doing your thing and u seem pretty happy where u are at right now… but what advise would u give somebody who was in your situation, signing a 2 year deal and gets loaned after one season to another team? How do u keep yourself motivated and strong?

I don’t know if I can give good advise. All I want is to win and be successful. So I’m motivated and try to play my best Basketball no matter where I’m playing. It’s automatically there and I don’t have to think about it. Maybe a little advise…Don’t think about next week, month or year. So many things can happen over which you don’t have any influence. So enjoy the moment, stay humble and try to make the best out of it.

5. Last but not least, please your favorite quote?

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.” Maurice SwitzerU wanna get Philipp style, here are his cloth a some comparable options:

Wool head cashmere – COS, Top – H&M
, Jeans – Boss orange, Shoes – Blackstone, Belt – louis vuitton, Gloves – Roeckl mit iphone sensoren, Jacket – Belstaff Aviator collection, Bracelet – Bottega Veneta

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