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Time for Online Shopping…

…if you are not located in the fashion hot spots like New York, Paris or Berlin and still want to get the newest and most exclusive stuff there is no other way but to shop online.

I prefer to dress nicely and go shopping in the city. Right now I am playing in Trier this season, so there are not really any dope and cool shops downtown, so I have to get my stuff online.

For me as a little sneakerhead, who doesn’t want to sleep in front of a store to get the newest pair of J´s, the Internet is the best way to stay in the sneaker-game.

But not only sneakers, also fashion and collectable items like limited liquor bottles and books, I like to get online.

Here are my fav online-shops for sneakers, fashion and other stuff:

Collete: One of the coolest stores ever. You get everything cool in there, fashion, books, jewelry, art, design, food… its just amazing. If you are in Paris you got to stop by… (

Footpatrol: Its a store based in London UK, they got almost every new sneaker that gets released (

Firmament: A Berlin based store with brands like Nike Stadium, Stussy Deluxe or Odd Future, apart from the online shop they also got a very dope store in Berlin located in Berlin Mitte (

Opumo: If you are searching for a Christmas gift for you’re boyfriend, this is the perfect place to get one. Opumo got really cool accessories for men. Belts, Watches, Ties, Socks…everything you want (




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