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“Story of my life” … Alba Berlin vs Bayern Munich 2.12.2012…

…Actually my post today was supposed to be about Fashion & Style…but I just cannot hold back the feeling I have inside of me today. It is kind of weird and I wanna share it with u, from my point of view.

As some of u know, my family name is “Pesic” and I grew up or I would say I developed strong feelings to only one city or one place in my life: “Berlin”

But in particular, these feeling grew out of one activity called: “Basketball”.

I developed my love to this sport, where else, but in Berlin…I played Basketball…I got to know my best friend through Basketball…I fell and I succeeded through Basketball, I learned to work hard and I learned: that u are only as good as your weakest teammate on the court…

And I met, as funny as it sounds, my husband through basketball!

So now, today is a very “strange” day for me, cause my husband who plays pro Basketball for Bayern Munich and my brother who is the Sports director for Bayern Munich and my dad who is the new head coach…play against ALBA Berlin, the team where we all grew up…

…the team where my dad succeeded more than once as a basketball coach at the highest levels in Germany and Europe, my brother who was and has been one of the greatest leaders on that team and my husband who made his first baby steps as a pro basketball player in Berlin, Alba Berlin.

As Bayern Munich is known as one of the most successful clubs in soccer in and out of Europe, the basketball scene is still undefined and the club struggles through the league, still trying to find the right nature of themselves, almost like Alba Berlin did 10 years ago … not really able to catch by success.

But the feeling I had as a little child standing and watching my father on the sideline… reveals to be the same.

I find myself – being so thankful for this opportunity, being in the same situation, being part of a “rising star” … being a part of a Club, not only the activity called Basketball, but part of a “Family”…

So good luck to Bayern Munich





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