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…if I would be in Berlin my weekend would start like this…

…I would walk down “Friedrichstrasse” which is known as the “Shopping- Paradies” of ”Eastern- Berlin”, take a quick stop @ my two favourite shops “Weekday” & “All-Saints” located right under the “S & U-Friedrichstrasse” get me some Hessian Hair ”Boots” (a must have this autumn/winter) &  a ”Dress” in the lovely colour of “Forest green” …

I keep walking to ZARA in my opinion the best fashion-brand which knows to present high-fashion for an affordable price, get me a chunky necklace!
… by now I’m on fire :) & nothing can stop me…so the walk to H&M is an necessity & buy me a “blazer” from the now in stores ”winter collection 2012″… 
I hope u guys enjoyed my little shopping trip!
…see ya

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