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5 days left until my due date …

Slide1Hey u guys … It’s the 29th of October and believe it or not I got just 5 days left until my due date, 5 days… Where did the time go? I wanted to share with u some of the things I experienced, some things that I was told … books, cravings, creams, clothing … Etc.

…something nobody talks about but is likely a common thing : how do you even get pregnant ? …some of u will put a “little smile on your face”, others will be like “what is she talking about” & others “thank God she mentioned it” …

… I always got the advice: Ivana just do not think about it !!!

But how can u not think about it if u already tried it all, went to a couple of doctors, checked your hormones (Note: very important), stopped some deviled pleasures in life & I could go on and on with this list … & then they tell u: relax, stop thinking about it !

I guess a woman nowadays, is more occupied then ever… work 40 hours, look great, eat right, go out, have a million friends, travel, find the right man…schedule your sex life (Note: forget about that) …be a good housewife, satisfy your parents in law … & do not forget to FB, Instagram or Twitter about your perfect life on the side & make sure u like everyones pics so nobody gets mad…

 …stop rolling your eyes, u know I am right.

How did I get pregnant? after 100 check ups – mind fucks …& 2 years lata …I decided to not give a **** about everybody else, found a great doctor…Did what I wanted, surrounded myself with only the closest people I have… asked myself what does Ivana want : boom it happened … out of nowhere – at the most craziest time in my life !

…So again: stop thinking about it, would be the wrong advice…I would recommend u to start loving yourself, so u can give the love back to something new growing inside of u, a life you created.

Do what feels good to u, my doctor always said: Mrs Jagla u are not sick u are pregnant ! Enjoy the most beautiful thing that will happen in your life …

…so u did some sport before: don’t stop! U like travel a lot: don’t stop

…trust me a week ago I still went on a run…I mean picture a turtle running but hey still felt good just to be able to move…so listen to your body it will tell u what u can do…if u are on bed rest: well there are 100 shows and movies u can watch now & have no excuse not doing it ;)

I also gained 18 kg…I stared with 3 meals a day now I am at 5 little ones. I started to eat what ever my body would ask for, when can you do if not now, right ;) !? Slide4… Took one really good advice “do not salt” and your body will not retain all the extra water!!! Really I did not swell up, not one single day !!!Slide5

… Body feeling: It sounds really weird, but I love my body more then ever…Love to put cream on my little belly & do not forget your breasts, I have been lotioning from day one, so there are still not a single stretch mark :) … So use this time to feel your body, to really think about what does my body want … What is happening inside of me!Slide3Slide6 Slide7…mental preparation ;) : I guess u cannot really prepare yourself for this…I for example do not talk a lot about what is going on inside of me…It’s like my secret little spot :) …A friend of mine bought me a couple of Books , so this one that is showing u every month what is going on is really cool so u have at least some kind off reference, without going crazy with preparing yourself. My husband also read a lot, he loved this book “Warum französicher Kinder keine Nervensägen sind”…Slide2…Sometimes I also asked myself: what is wrong with u? Why are u not scared or why is your baby not moving as much and going crazy inside like others ? …

…But at the end of the day believe me, or don’t…this was the most chilled out 39 weeks of my life ;) so don’t judge, talk to everyone u feel comfortable with. There is nothing u must do, take your time…U think u have no friends with children…They suddenly pop out of nowhere, perfectly connecting with your own life, interests with a lot of helpful advice.

 … The circle just goes on like this … Day by day … & at the end things will happen how they are suppose to happen … So do not force it … Love yourself and u will see how much love u will get back ❤️

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