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Barkin’ Kitchen a Clash of Elements…created in Berlin

…”Bar” + “Kitchen” = Food & Drinks / by Berlin …


I think we do not need to discuss this any further…cause I guess we are all very into the whole Gastro-Scene Berlin has created over the last couple of years…this City offers u everything, everything your vision is capable of…

…a vision is only as good as the visionary behind it & that’s why I am very proud to present to u something new, something where not only words & elements match perfectly together…it’s like a peace of art…

…where the artist : Frederik Jagla & Iannis Ritter

(chefs of the well known “Kater Holzig)

…created their menu:


…splash it onto the scene:


…refine it with: a mix of liquid taste for your mouth

…& underline it with: music

like real artists…they are not gonna offer u just one song to satisfy your needs…the playlist is gonna be long…always performing it in different locations with a different menu, telling u of the different experiences they have made in life.

…so please go and check it out…cause my brother in law is a real performer ! Good luck :) I wish we could be there…


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