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“Eu te amo *Brasil*”…10 days…4 cities…amazing people & a little football :)

Slide01…back to life, back to reality … I think it’s going to take me a while to realize what my eyes have seen and what I felt during the last 10 days … maybe it is even more crazy cause I am pregnant and I feel and smell more then most people around me. I wish the pictures could even capture a tiny bit how it felt in reality: “LOUCO”.

10 days past so fast, it’s crazy. We had rain for over 20 hours and then sunshine like in the middle of August in Germany, by the way it’s winter in Brazil … so u have to imagine coming to “Porto Seguro” where we were based, here it was 20-30 degrees, then after flying 2 hours to “Porto Alegre” it dropped to 9 degrees, people wearing a down-jacket and a scarf. …Of to Recife where it rained the whole day, sitting 90 minutes with rain coats in the pouring rain, watching football and I mean really watching it, a stadium full with 44.000 people sitting in the rain screaming and shouting not just for their country or favorite player but just cause they love football…Then last, but not least: “RIO”.

I have been to many tournaments in the world of basketball: European Championships, World Championships, the All-Star game in the USA; all were spectacular and amazing to see.

…but just comparing the number of people 12.000 people sitting in the audience to 78.000 people watching 22 players kicking a ball that u can barely see when the sun shines bright at “Maracana” stadium…players playing in 35 degrees weather outside and u are sitting, no matter where, always to far away to really see or feel their expressions on their faces – Not like in basketball, where u can see the players fighting, hurting or in fear when it gets close during the last seconds of a game…but u still sit there surrounded by 78.000 people, from all around the world and raise your hands high when the “Laola wave” hits u.

…Maybe I loved my time, because I was blessed by the company that surrounded me, all came to support their son, brother, friend, boyfriend or husband…all took us in, like we were part of their family.

It really took me by surprise when we got back home and I saw the way that some of them are treated in the media. Tabloids talking about there way of acting and living, just sad.

… Trust me I do not consider myself a football specialist or the biggest fan of football or the FIFA with all their flaws … but I can not name one event in this world we live in that brings together so many different races and faces, people of different ages, men and women, rich and poor, like football does … so rather than hating on our players in the German tabloids, we should be proud of being a part of a team that represents our country more then flawlessly, not only in the world of sport but in the world of humanity.

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