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“for whatever we lose – like a u or a me – it’s always ourselves we find in the seas”…#Barcelona a day on the #beach

Slide2Hey u guys,

today I am reporting from yesterday’s day at the beach…

First I went for a quick walk on my beautiful mountain, it’s the most quiet place on the planet … With the most amazing view!!!Slide1Sundays are usually family days in Barcelona, so if u wanna have lunch at a nice spot u have to make sure you make a reservation. I usually go to CDLC cause it’s almost like “Buddha Bar” with a great chill-out area … But since the new W Hotel brought with it 5 new restaurants right on the beach, we decides to check out:


…a mix between Spanish & Mexican tapas… all fresh, amazing avocado cream, salad, fish and of course u should never miss “patatas bravas”. As we looked around (after we ordered unfortunately, cause when we got there our eyes and tummy were to hungry) we saw that most of the people ordered a typical Spanish dish “Paella with Fish”, so u check it out, order whatever your eyes are hungry for.



…on your way back u will pass some Sunday markets, this time we did not buy fresh fruit; we bought “sweet all natural gummy fruits” thumbs up for those…

 Hasta luego guapis



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