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…for the 1st “SUN” a new “beginning” & a …Happy Easter


Hey u guys

…looooonnnngggg time no see right? I thought I’d use this beautiful Easter vacation for a new beginning into my “blogger life”. As all of us go through a period of finding ourselves in many different times of our life, I went through it the last couple of month & trust me I thought this shit was actually over. I thought there is only one “face”, this crazy that we have to go through, called “puberty” & that was a long time ago…but no no no, not for my crazy life, did I ask for it definitely “not” – was it about time definitely “yes”…

I truly admit that this time was kind of hard, because as a 30 year old adult u might think: I have went through soooo much, know my family and friends, know actually what I really want from life & damn how grown I am, I am 30 !!! … Trust me, I thought I had it all figured out way to well, but “life is a bitch” things happen “that u are not able to control” … This crazy good life suddenly turns “up side down”

…Whose mistake  was it??? – please do not lie to yourself thinking it’s: family, brother or sister … Husband or boyfriend, “friends” … No it’s just:

As Beyonce would sing : ” Just me myself and I”


I asked someone: what the fuck is wrong with me?

…the person did not even have to answer, cause we all know deep inside who we are, what we want, what makes us happy?

I love to get to know people, I am kind of this person who is interested in all different ways of living, culture and what ever else there is to get, hmmm almost like a “Sponge Bob” does everyone stick around? No way, the earth turns so how can all the people u meet in your life turn with u?

…Trust me I have done things I am not proud of, had friends who taught me more than I even asked for, friends who I had in my life, I am thankful I could learn from them, learn like no book could have educated me, friends who are always there on different occasions, living their life somewhere parallel to mine but always letting me be part of it, so I can learn from them…some of them will stand like rocks next to u, mostly the ones u didn’t expect it from and the ones u needed the most did not, why?

That is not a question for u to ask…Maybe they are on their own journey …

Those who belong to your journey will always be there, the others are like good or bad books, but what do they all have in common: an ending …

…so this is my new beginning

 Happy EasterSlide4Slide5Slide6

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