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Still in the Weekend mood…Check Out “Waldorf Astoria Berlin”

 Hey u guys,

it has been a while: I know :)
… but I already said to myself this year I am gonna do much more again, starting with my oh so amazing birthday present a day and a a night in beautiful Waldorf Astoria Berlin.
15th  floors with an amazing view: 3 restaurants with each one having a flair for itself … a spa that just blows your mind….breath-taking interior design and a calmness which is pretty rair in the city of Berlin .
….”Uh” and not to forget the wonderful passionate service from the beginning you enter.
I know u Berliners out there reading this know what I am talking about, and no do not try to get over your head and explain this often so roud behavior in Berlin: that just how we role in the city :)
…and the crasiest thing I almost forgot it’s in “West Berlin” Yeap crazy right … Since I have the feeling everything takes place in the rasp part of the city. This is an good excuse to check out what’s going on at the other part :)

… u guys really need to check it out restaurants and Spa are available for every one … so do once in a while something good for yourself and “go go go” u will not regret it …

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