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“Brandon Thomas”… Artland Dragons go-to go guy…Fashion Lover & dad! Answers “5 simple questions”…

Hey U guys,

Another week past and we are almost one month into the basketball season of the Beko BBL.

…so far it went as expected, Bayern Munich is leading the league…Bamberg is still in pre-season and Hagen is showing that they are more than a team on a big “movie-screen”.

…but as I already mentioned the season is long and with 7 teams competing in European competitions, we will see who has the last laugh.

…one team trying to make a name for themselves in the Eurocup is “Artland Dragons”…which bolstered their team, with a mix of national team players, new guys and one man we have already seen there before, the former player coming back this season to support his team: Brandon Thomas…last years Bayern Munich starter, all rounder and not only a good b-ball player, but also a family guy and dad…so lets check out how Brandon handles life in between being a pro baller and dad…


1. Last year u  played for Bayern Munich this year we see u back in Quackenbrück…a team which u already played for … So what has Quackenbrück to offer, that is worth a return?

It’s a very positive feeling being back in a familiar place with familiar people. It adds comfort and confidence, which I feel are very important to a basketball players success.Slide32. U played in many different city’s and countries… Tell us some of your favorite memories or which city u would recommend to visit and why?

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the most fashionable city outside the runways of Paris or Milan. It is a care free, trend setting city with amazing food. A historically and culturally rich city with beautiful people and beautiful architecture. The white sandy beaches leaves little else to desire… it’s the perfect city!


3. As some of us allready know, u have a daughter named “Camryn” who lights up in her pics and in her latest fashion, she shows us here smile while she travels with you around and all of us can follow her on Instagram under: the mini fashionista.

…so how do u keep up in between practice and traveling and having time for family, can u give us some advise?

I try my best to live in the moment and appreciate every experience in life. With Camryn I realize time is precious and moving fast. My family makes me love life.


4. Style is not only the girls part in your family u are kind of a fashionista, too?! So can u tell us 5 key pieces every guy should have in his closet?




5. Favorite quote


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