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“Alex King”…national team player & newcomer to “Alba Berlin”…answers “5 Simple Questions”


What’s up u guys I hope u enjoyed your holiday and for those of u who took the whole weekend off: good choice!

 For the German basketball league, the BekoBBL Thursday was not a day off, it marked the beginning of the season 2013/2014 … And this year is gonna be pretty interesting, almost every team bolstered their “roster”. We saw amazing transfers, read and listened to verbal fights before the season even started…we got 2 teams competing for the Euroleague “Final-Four” and 5 others competing in the “Eurocup”, so “lean back” and enjoy Germans basketball at its highest level yet…

Thursdays games went as expected … I guess maybe we’ve got Ulm who can do way better; but hey u guys the season is looooonnnnggg.

One team which did not play Thursday is having their opener this Sunday against “the Artland Dragons” is Alba Berlin.

…so today we wanna concentrate on national team player Alex King, who joined the roster of “Alba Berlin” this season and asked him about his challenges in “the city “.

 1. First of all congratulations on your first trophy “Champions-Cup” against Bamberg, this is a nice one! …so what can we accept from Alba Berlin this season?

The people can expect from Alba Berlin a team that will always play hard and will always give at least a 100 % for a victory.

2. Before that u had 2 great years in Würzburg now u and your fiancé made a big step to move to a big city like Berlin…so how different is it, what are your first impressions?

Of course it was different at the beginning, getting used to a new City and being further away from friends and family. My first impression of Berlin was overwhelming! There is so much to see and to experience. I have to admit that I am struggling with the traffic but I am slowly getting used to it.Slide103. U live in one of the hippest districts in Berlin called: Prenzlauerberg. Have u found your favorite spot already?

I found my favorite restaurant where me and my fiancé go to eat for brunch every now and then, called “Spreegold”.

Slide044. As a b ball player it’s kind of hard to shop…so what websites or brands can u recommend for our tall players?

I have no special store or website where I can shop for my clothes, actually this is no big problem for me. Only finding shoes can be a problem because usually tall players have big feet. Fortunately there is a shoe store called “Horsch” only for big and small feet where you can find all kinds of shoes.

…get Alex LOOK


 5. Your favorite quote?








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