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“Acai berry” … looking for a new healthy way to start your day? check it out


Hey u guys,

Since everybody is talking about this new fruit called “Acai” I was thinking to share it with u…

Acai is not as big in Germany as it is in South-America, the USA or on all the different media like Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, healthy diet products and so on…I clicked myself through Instagram to check out how people use the fruit how to mix it with your daily routine: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

…found myself mostly stumbling through the profiles of top models like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima  and discovered hat this fruit is from brazil…so all along I notice that top models already eat it for breakfast, snacks or drink it in shakes, u can almost do everything with this berry fruit.


It is perfect for your immune system, it has a lot of anti-oxidants and fiber and of course if u are also having problems eating something “like I do” in the morning u can make perfect smoothies with the “Acai berry.”Slide4…u are from Berlin & u really do not know anything about the “Acai berry”, but still wanna give it a try go to “BR 101″ it is right on “Torstrasse ” in Berlin Mitte…get a fresh “Acai juice”



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