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…last but not least part 3 Barcelona…all around the “W”- Hotel

Slide01Our last day we spent at the W Hotel, it just opened its doors 2 years ago in Barcelona…the Spa area is just amazing.

…the W hotel consists of 2 main restaurants in the building “Wave” & “Bravo”… & one right outside on the beach called “Salt”….there are also 3 other restaurants which are delicious but they do not belong to the W hotel.

…so I really recommend to u, if u wanna do something special for yourself, spend a whole day in the favor of W hotel u will not regret it…


Slide02Slide03Slide04Slide05Slide06Slide07Slide10Slide09This is not a Burger this is a “Sweet burger” ;)

dark chocolate, hazel nuts, mango, raspberry sauce and banana chips…DELICIOUS


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