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Barcelona weekend part 2

Slide01What’s up, for those who didn’t check out my post yesterday… I put 2gether a picture collection of my short weekend trip to Barcelona … so today I will show u part 2

… I am a sports girl so my daily routine, everywhere I go, starts with a run…luckily, for those who do not know, I lived a collective 6 years in Barcelona so my family has an apartment there which is more than amazing.

…so I take a little walk up the hill close to where I live and get an beautiful track for runners and bikers and its just the most quite place I have ever been…

Slide02 Slide03 Slide04…after a quick shower, we drove to a beach club in “Gava” called “TROPICAL” it is nothing fancy but for Barcelona very unusual cause there are NO TOURISTS :)

Slide06 Slide05…after a whole day in the sun & on the beach, I like to treat my hair well…so I am using “Klorane” a great product for very dry hair!

Slide07….vamos to downtown to get some food…easy going with my dress = blouse :) by “Alexander Wang”

Slide08…some friends of ours told us about this great place “Hamburguesa Nuestra”, u can choose from all different ingredients and meat from all over the world and create your own burger…hmmmm I really can’t tell u how it tasted, I am not such a burger fan :) but my husband said it was delicious…

Slide09 Slide10 Slide11 Slide12…at the end we went to “Carpe Diem” right on the beach…I just love that place not only do they serve my favorite drink “Strawberry Mojito”… it is a neat place separate lounges… huge Buddha’s…cuisine form all over the world…


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