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“Barcelona” weekend part 1.

Hey u guys,

I just got back from my quick weekend trip to Barcelona & I wanna share with u my “must see” places in the next few days.

I went from Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning … a few days like that do not let u explore the whole city, but once u have visited all the “must see” places in Barcelona u are able to enjoy the city in a total different way, just relax and tell yourself like all spaniards do: everything is gonna happen: “mañana…mañana”

Slide01as I am one of those people who get cold easily, I like to even travel in “long cloth” in the summer… at least a “long dress”…so when u travel on a short trip you do not have that much time to your hotel and change, so I always put something on that lets me be comfortable for both the city and travel…and on this occasion even the beach :)  Slide02here u can see my dress from H&M in a different color & also two other cute dresses…Slide03a movie on a plane is a must “Pride & Prejudice” – love it

Slide05…as soon as we arrived we went to Barcelona down town beach called “Barceloneta”

Slide06from the beach u can take a little walk to the old city of Barcelona “el Born” my 1 favorite shops…

Slide07…u are an “Isabel Marant” freak, like I am…u gonna love

“La Commercial”

Slide08for a quick stop take look at this little “cupcake” place…since I am “lactose intolerant” :) i have never tried it…but my friends say it tastes amazing…

Slide09…after that we took a walk from the old part to the new part of Barcelona to one of my favorite restaurants in this world & I am not kidding…”Bar LOBO” is the best tapas u will ever have!!!

“Bar Lobo”

Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 3 - 08001 Barcelona, Spanien


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