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…”CrossFit” craze…check out Jans off-season workout


Hey u guys summer is almost coming to an end but this is not a reason to stop being in shape.

…since my husband Jan is occupied almost the whole year with keeping in good shape, he likes to do different things during off the season…one of them is combining workouts. For the last 3 years he has been running lifting and jumping with his personal coach Marko, a specialized version of CrossFit gets you working hard and improving your body.

In Berlin check out:

“myLeo” Franklinstrasse 10, 10587 Berlin Charlottenburg and get all the CrossFit training u want.

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For me I rather just use my own body weight for exercises but either way get out there and train. You will feel great.

…you already had your fare share of exercise today, go and watch the German national team take on France in Basketball. 8p.m tonight online at


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