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…u do not know what to do with this rainy weather…maybe I can give u a hint :)

Slide7magazines…we always get them but never have time to really read them thoroughly…so use the rain & start to dream …

Slide4I really enjoyed the exhibition showing “250 Hangbags” from the 16-21 Century…where?

Bayerisches Nationalmuseum Munich

Slide5organize your closet…it seems like summer will never find its’ way to Germany or I would rather say Munich…try to find a clean combination between your winter and summer cloth, u will be amazed how well they function together!

Slide3“The Great Gatsby”…the whole fashion scene got inspired by Gatsby…use this rainy day to do something new with your hair and make up…take some time for yourself.

Slide6aahhhhh…please if u are in Berlin, go to the Wald Store garage sale and get some nice pieces for amazing prices!Slide2…game 4…do or die !!! We gonna make it…

Slide8…no excuse guys…I know its raining but it is the best time for the gym…so lets do this :)

Slide1u still sad about the weather … “Chocolate Souffle” always helps, my favorite @ Theresa, Theresienstrasse 29 in Munich

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