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TIME …when do we learn to view time as one of the most precious things left to us?

Hey u guys….sorry I have been kind of busy the last 2 weeks! Travelling a lot enjoying my time with friends, working on some new stuff and by the end really trying to understand how time passes by that fast.

…I do not know if u all feel the same way, but we are in Mai, its still raining outside and the temperature won’t climb above 15 degrees (at least in Munich) and things are happening without me having time to really realize what is going on out there.

As my husband is a b ball player in the German Beko BBL, they are currently competing in the playoffs. My FC Bayern is already on a 3-0 run against a pretty good team: ALBA Berlin…other wife’s of b-ball players are already sitting on the beach and getting a tan…so I am asking myself when did all this happen?

…if this would be all my worries, no problem, but as a pro athletes u sign a contract with your team…my husbands contract is running out at the end of this season!…so I spend 2 amazing years in Munich, got to know amazing people…even made good friends!…and most important learned more about myself than ever before… do we have a chance to stay here? I hope so :)

…and on the other side my best friend is getting married next week, so I am also nervous about that, saying to myself: ahhh do not worry, u will get a dress soon and now we are one week away… so I guess I should get a dress soon right?

As I am a person hungry for the knowledge of others, luving to breath in their way of thinking … I am asking myself sometimes: How far can we go with friends, people we meet, people we already know for 100 years (at least it feels like this with some)…where do we say: STOP ?!

…when do we learn to view time as one of the most precious things left to us?

I cannot answer this for u, but I feel the last 5 month ran away from me…but there is only one thing I know…it does not matter how old we are, how much money we have, where we live…cause there is only one thing we can not buy: TIME!

…so be aware about who and what u share your time with, cause this is the only thing u can not turn back or get back…



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