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“CHINA calling” by Jovana Antovic


Some stories do have a happy endings.

I was in Italy, last November when I received an email regarding “CHINA WINE  & SPIRIT AWARDS”.

I was told, to select three of our red wines for competition – all of them made in some percentage of Serbian indigenous grape variety called-PROKUPAC.

Nobody from Serbia ever won anything on that competition, so we were like:  “Let’s give it a try…”

Slide2…four months later I received another email while I was on a meeting.

It was a list of winners. I tried to find VINO BUDIMIR among them-but had no luck.

Such a disappointment! I called my family to let them know.

Slide3I took a glass of red wine,  thinking while I was in the middle of a party, when I had to enter the wines due to a deadline. I was a bit “typsy” of cocktails I had that night in Italy and actually started thinking did I typed everything the right way…

Than I remembered the costs of sending samples which made my disappointment even bigger.

I went over the list one more time-to see who had luck this time and who is celebrating instead of me…and then,THERE IT WAS!

My SVB ROSA, our best wine-GOLD!!!

That yellow color just flashed right into my face.

How could it be, how could I overlooked it?

I went on and then SILVER for my “LIKE YOU ARE AN ANGEL” wine. That was just too much at this point.


And like a cherry on top of a cake-BRONZE medal for TRIADA red.

I was obviously to impatient and busy during my meeting to carefully go true the list, using my smart phone even made it more difficult, but there it was.

NO mistake – NO doubt: We did it!

It was not a victory of my winery.

It was success of my country.

Confirmation that even in a small country from Balkan (a country that probably many Chinese didn’t even heard about) can make a GREAT WINE!

That’s something to be proud off.

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