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a day after the Top 4 in b-town city – let’s check out what “Jared Homan” FC Bayern Munich has to say


Jared Homan is truly one of the protagonist for FC Bayern Munich…with his great performances under the basket and his physical play he is really the “shield” under the baskets, for Bayern Munich… arriving in the middle of last season, he adjusted well to Bayerns lifestyle on the court and also got into some difficulties off the court …. 5 question for Jared will show u, that behind that big men … stands an open, life-loving person, who has a great vibe and maybe even has some “wise” things to say…check out yourself


1. When it comes to style, u are the type who likes to mix and match the flair of Europe and from back home…what does your decision depend on?

…it basically depends on where I’m going and what mood I’m in. I think mixing the two can make for an interesting style by taking what I like from both cultures/trends.

2. U also seem like someone who actually likes to go shopping, which brands do u enjoy in Europe that u do not have back home?

I don’t do a lot of shopping while I’m in Europe, I find it easier to shop back in the states bc its much easier to find tall sizes as well as know which brands fit. I do a lot of online shopping and will have things sent over here. Once in while I do find a few things in random stores as I’m walking around. I’ve found that Zara has some things that fit and I recently got some Y3 stuff which I don’t thinks is so popular in the states yet.



3. What should a girl never wear on a first date with u?

On a first date I would have to say sweats are out and heels are preferable.


4. …before Munich u played in Italy, so what are the differences of lifestyle in Munich compared to Italy? Is there something u really enjoy in Munich: restaurants, entertainment etc. ?

I would have to say the lifestyle in Italy is more laid back as people spend all afternoon conversing over coffee and all night enjoying dinner. Also it is much easier to find restaurants that are open late whereas here if you have late practice its difficult to find many good places still serving food at 10. In Munich I love how people enjoy being outside. You can always find people walking around center, english garden, Isar, and beer gardens. Also in Germany most people speak English quite well, which makes it easier to get around.

 5. Favorite quote?



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