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“TOP 4″ 2013 presented by b-town city…let’s check out what my fab 4 have to say…2nd “John Bryant” Ratiopharm Ulm


Ulms center John Bryant is really one of a kind, with his remarkable basketball skills and charisma he played himself immediately, not only into the hearts of Ulms Basketball scene, but he caught the whole BEKO BLL by surprise. MVP of the 2011/12 season and of German All Star game 2013…16.7 pts per game, he really deserves all the attention he gets … since his contract is coming to an end…I am really curious to see who will catch this great talent for next season…

…but let him answer that himself

1. John u are only 26 years old, for a center that is a young age, cause they say that a center gets better year by year and with experience? How far can John go? What are things that u would still like to achieve… or do you have any goals, dreams?

Yes I’m young and I feel that I have gotten better every year with experience and how far can I go depends on how hard I work. My ultimate goal and I think it’s every basketball players dream is to make it to the NBA so that’s my goal for my career but I would be happy having a long career over here in Europe.


2. After your contract expired last season, u signed for an additional year in Ulm…I think or guess that we will see John Bryant in a different jersey for the upcoming season?

Well I can’t predict the future but I love Ulm, the city and the people and would love to come back but if I do end up in a different jersey I had a great three years in Ulm and did good things for the organization and the city and they did a lot of good things for me.

3. As a pro player I know you watch what u eat & I heard your girlfriend is a nutritionist? What advise can u give young players, what to eat to get stronger, what do they need for practice and games? …and what is the one thing u cannot resist ???

Well first off the motto we live by is you are what you eat and if you go out and eat fast food instead of salads and vegetables you are going to feel slower and not as good. As a basketball you need a lot of proteins from like chicken and fish and a lot of good carbs from rice and wheat pasta and a lot of vegetables. As for the thing I cannot resist that would be chips, any kind I just love the crunch and that is my biggest weakness.



4. Germany; u have been here now for almost 5 years, what is something u have learned on your journey and a habit u can not get rid of anymore?

One thing that I have learned on my journey in Germany is their way of recycling and making sure everything goes to the right place and back in the states the recycling is not as good as here. I go home and have the habit of recycling everything which is a good thing and works out best for the environment.


5. Who is gonna win this Weekend ?

That is a good question, it is any bodies game without bamberg in it. It’s going to be a fight to the final minute but I think if we play how I know we can I think we have a good shot at winning.

Your favorite quote?

Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


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