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“TOP 4″ 2013 presented by b-town city…let’s check out what my fab 4 have to say…1st “Demond Mallet” Artland Dragons

Slide01Hey guys, since the 2013 Top 4  in Berlin is coming up shortly, I thought to bring u one guy, of each team, a little closer… so u can get an idea about the protagonists of the Top 4.

I will present to u Demond Mallet (Artland Dragons) John Bryant (Ulm), Jared Homan (FCB Bayern Munich) & Nihad Djedovic (Alba Berlin)… each one is very different from one another, on and of the court. They all present the great mixture of players in the Beko BBL… from all different angles; they have all chosen the career path of a pro basketball player but they all experience their world very differently: living, lifestyles and their city.  But they do, all have one thing in common: they all appreciate and luv to play in the Beko BBL.

My first interview starts with Artland Dragons guard Demond Mallet, who started his European career in Germany and from there, pushed his game further through countries like Spain, Belgium, Israel and Turkey… and now he is back at the good old Beko BBL where he took his team to currently 6. place.

I got to know Demond back in Spain, Badalona where he played for one of the best Spanish teams: DKV-Badalona, and I was always loving his attitude towards the European lifestyle…his style and the love for exploring new Fashion.

So here we go…


1. Second time in the Bundesliga, after u experienced amazing leagues like the ACB… what brought u back to the Beko BBL?

I’ve blessed to play in some of the top leagues in Europe. Being back in Germany has been awesome and loving each minute of it. I really feel Germany is an upcoming league with a lot talent. On any given night, any team can win. The competition of this league is what brought me back here.

2. From all the countries and city’s u have been, what was your favorite shopping place? 

Out of all the countries i’ve played in, i feel Barcelona Spain was awesome for shopping. They have every designer you can imagine. I’m very into fashion and i keep up with whats hot in the fashion world.


3. How has your style changed since u’ve come to Europe? And is there anything u wear in Europe but would never wear back home?

I’ve always been into fashion. Being in Europe just made more emphasize on it. I’ve never been a baggy jean or shirt type of guy. I believe fashion is a way of life and says a lot about you. I like different but also trendy. For example i love David Beckams, Jay-z or Pharrell Williams style just to name a few.


4. Who inspires your style? Where do u get your inspirations from?

I think fashion magazines inspire my style. I keep up with the latest styles from GQ magazine or different news letters from different labels. For example i’m big on En/noir. I think its different and in a class of its on. Everything i wear here in Europe i can wear back in the states, because is getting bigger and bigger in the US. I’m also a huge watch fan. I think everyone should have a nice timepiece. Hublot, Rolex and Bell n Ross are a few of my favorites at the moment.


5. Last but not least your favorite quote?




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