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12 Hours in Berlin 1st IMPRESSION…

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“Bikram Yoga Berlin”, Neue Schönhauser Straße 19

…the first thing I did this morning :) best b-yoga ever!!!Slide03

Kimchi- Princess, Korean finest…as soon as I arrived I went there for dinner….just amazing!!!

Skalitzer Strasse 36

Slide04 Slide05

Street art “deluxe”Slide06

Checked out “UNIFORM”, new shop in Berlin Mitte just opened 2 weeks ago…pretty amazing stuff made by “pro. Stylist”, who want to show they can do much more then just “STYLE”…


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“Hakescher Markt”, Saturday market with some great turkish food


“Casa Camper Berlin”, located in Mitte

Weinmeisterstrasse … just like the hotel …Slide14 Slide15

Berlin’s “Museums Insel” is a unique ensemble of five museums …Slide16

that’s it for now, need to get ready …Berlin’s nightlife is waiting… See ya


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