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Love is in the air, wine is in the glass! by Jovana Antovic



Sorry for my absence. I had a chaotic February filled with work and LOVE.

The winemakers and wine lovers in my country (Serbia) were occupied with festive preparations and celebrations of the 14th of February -the St. Trifun’s day.

It’s the day when people visit their vineyards and symbolically cut one piece of it and then pour the wine on the scarified part. It is believed that this custom will bring a year, rich with grapes and that St. Trifun who is guardian of the wine, will make the snow melt faster.

The tradition is still alive thanks to a few people in the rural villages in Serbia.

Others, who live in bigger cities, usually spend that day with a bottle of a good wine in a company of their loved ones – since it’s also Saint Valentines day – the day associated with romantic love.

If you ask me – I celebrated both, since I cannot imagine a day without love or good wine.

Over the years I had many St. Valentine’s surprises, which made me happy and amazed me (and I don’t count material presents but “little” love-things).

I couldn’t choose one over the other, so I keep them all in a “love file”.

Hope you got something inspiring and thoughtful, because when love FAILS the FILE stays – and those happy moments are all that counts.

Wish that all days would be St. Valentine’s days :)

Cheers from Belgrade.

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