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“5″ simple questions to “Ricky Rubio” …Spanish “sweetheart” in the NBA


…Sunday again, 7 days past the All Star game in Houston…and I am still flashed by everything I have seen: organization, teams, brands, athletes…and all in all I have to say there are no better entertainers than the Americans, the ability to line up an event like the NBA All Star Weekend is amazing.

Throughout my weekend I got the opportunity to experience one on one conversations with some of the players and my personal favorite is “Minnesota Timbervolves” guard “Ricky Rubio” former young-star from Spain. He is one of these guys who is just born to be a star, to present his skills outside of his own country in the best Basketball League, the NBA.

He only carries 22 years, but he already challenges and respects his gift as a public figure, like an old soul. Thumbs up for Ricky Rubio and a big thank u for answering “5 simple questions”…



How are u doing … tell us a little bit about yourself, u left Spain as a junior!!! Now u are a grown up, an established b ball player in the best league of the world: the NBA!


1.How has this journey been treating u? How do feel?

I feel good.  I like the type of game we play here in the NBA and be available to play against the best players in the world.


2. How come u are almost the only Spanish player, who did not come back to play in his country? Do u think it helped u to leave at such a young age?

When I decided to leave my hometown to come to USA by myself I was a little scared but I think that helped me a lot to grow up as a man. 

3. Who do you surround yourself with…is your family coming to visit u, what do u do in your free time?

My family and friends from Spain are coming every once in a while. I like when they come to visit because I’m here by myself so its nice to have company. In my free time I rest and I go to the movies and have fun with my friends.


4. We all no Ricky Rubio more as brand, rather then a human being :)

…what does Ricky like? Food? shopping? 

I like to have fun. I like Italian and Spanish food. I love pasta and seafood. I’m not a big fan of shopping.

5. your Favorite Quote 

…my dad always tells me:

“The day you think you know enough is the day you are gonna stop learning.”




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