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“Copa del Rey” Vitoria 2013…new home of german center “Tibor Pleiß”


23 year old German Center now playing for the well known Spanish team “Caja Laboral” in the second best league after the NBA, the ACB is going to have his debut at the “Copa del Rey” hosted by his city, Vitoria.

…for those of u who have had the opportunity to experience the “Copa del Rey”, know how much energy, competition and delicacy is demonstrated at this amazing Basketball event.

As Tibor Pleiß took his chances, as one of the few German players, to leave his comfort zone… I took the chance to travel to Vitoria, to bring u Tibor Pleiß’ little world of Basketball a bit closer and to figure out how the 2.16 German born youngster handles living in the ACB.

1. Tell us a little about your daily routine in Vitoria, and the difference between Brose Baskets and Caja Laboral? What would u say is the biggest difference between a German club and a club in Spain?

…as I already mentioned, after spending 3 wonderful years in Bamberg, I wanted to improve my game and just took the next step into a higher league.

It took me a while to adjust, especially in practice. The tension is on a very high every day, but I think these are the things that are going to make me a better player and help me further my career.

The biggest difference between a German and a Spanish club is of course the language.

After that comes the level of competition, u just got a feeling that u play a playoff game each weekend…whether u play against the upper- or the lower ranks, the competition is always high.


2. As I believe for all b-ball player, the dream is to go the NBA and so I believe it’s yours too?!  How do u explain players like Rudy Fernandez or Juan Carlos Navarro coming back after a short time to play for the ACB?

Absolutely one of my goals is to play in the NBA! I try to live by the “life – motto” : “step by step”, that is one of the main reasons why I decided to play in the Spanish league, so I can expand my talent. Then I am gonna continue my journey, cause I got other dreams and goals, which I want to accomplish.

The way to play ball differs a lot between the NBA and European basketball.

I just think that some guys just feel more comfortable in the European game that is why they do not even make the jump over the pond. Others just like it more over there …

Slide93. If I think about it, u are the only German young player who decided from an early age to work with an agent or agency  “BDA Sport-Managment” outside of your country. WHY? What was your intuition or why didn’t u go against the flow and chose differently then your teammates…

U are right, I decided to get an agent very early, as soon as I started playing my first minutes, for a professional team in Cologne. Back in the days, it was Zoran Kukic my youth coach, who suggested BDA Management, cause during his career as a player he had the same agent supporting him.

After my days in Cologne came to an end, he provided me with a couple of options, one of them was Bamberg and I guess it was not such a bad suggestion. He really helped me on my way and he we will continue our work in the future.


4. As I know u, u seem rather quite, friendly, always a smile… but I know to be able to handle the competition in the ACB and the long way from home, u must have a strong character?! So what does give u confidence? What do u do for yourself to not miss home?

I got dreams and goals I want to achieve. I am a person who is going to do everything and fight to achieve his goals.

It is exciting, thrilling and challenging to prove yourself amongst the best. Also I have fun doing what I do, playing ball makes me happy.

I think it is natural to miss family and friends, and I am always happy when someone comes to visit, but everybody is supporting me big time and that helps a lot.

Slide45. Vitoria is a very small city …so what do u do in your free time? What is your favorite restaurant?… I know they got a huge mall and I bet it is impossible for u to find something, but still what do like to buy to feel good?

Sure I got my favorite restaurants, I am a lover of meat and Steak restaurants and Vitoria is known to have a few very good ones. However I try not to over eat it though :) so it stays special!

Free time is rare, when u got 2 games a week u are just happy to go home and just chill for a while, if we do get a day I go to Bilbao (next big city) or to San Sebastian to hang out by the seaside. What I like to buy? Right now I do not know, but I believe I will find something sooner or later.


5. Last but not least, your favorite quote?

Good players make mistake – bad players repeat theirs!


a big THANK U to Tibor Pleiß & do not miss his game tonight against FC Barcelona 19.00 pm !!!

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