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“Workout” part 2 – Midsection


This is the perfect exercise for your entire midsection

It works your back stomach and hamstrings and of course challenges your arm and shoulder strength

Slide11. U start out in a push-up position with your feed placed on a towel.

- performe this exercise on a smooth floor


2. Now pull your legs forward, try to get them under your butt if u can, but make sure to keep your back parallel to the floor.

- means keep your butt down


3. now lift your butt up and move your feet back to the starting position.

This exercise u can do anywhere…u just need your own body-weight at towel and a smooth floor.


…if u wanna step the whole thing up, u can try this next exersice while using a towel.

1. start in the same position, but this time go down on your 4 armes

Slide62. instead of moving your legs, you move your shoulders back and forth

  – make sure to go slow by counting to 6 each way

3. it is important to keep your back straight and your butt tight to protect your back and get the best results


Thank u to “Ingemar Pohl” my lovely “Fitness Coach”




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