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“Workout” – let’s start easy…


 Sport is something I have done my whole life or at least since I can think…started with Ballet gymnastics, handball, played basketball for almost 8 years of my life…so of course it became a daily routine for me to at least do something: run, yoga, even some exercises in front of the TV during the evening is something I just luv to do.

“I know –  I know”…u work 24 hours a week, got children and a husband u have to take care off ;) and 100 other excuses…but doing sports is something that makes u feel yourself, in a totally different way…knowing your body, knowing your own limits is something u can achieve through exercising and will help u own your daily routine. Even myself, who knows a lot about my body… I made an investment by getting a professional coach, believe me its worth every penny… like your brain, if u do not fill it constantly with information u get stuck in one place. I like to share with u some exercises that are easy to comprehend and u can do it wherever u are and who ever you’re with.

…cause u can get yourself the most expensive clothe or the trendiest thing on the market, but if u do not feel good in your own body…nothing is worth it.

Mid section (Stomach)…most of us women have their biggest body issues around that area…cause the body produces there most of its fat tissue, that is just how it is!

this one is so easy and has an enormous effect, if u do it right u really gonna be in pain

Slide2as the pic shows, u start 1 with the left leg out then put yours arms out straight, make sure u have a stiff stand on your knee and front foot.

Slide3…than try to push against your partners hands. Meanwhile your partner is pushing u back the other way…so u have to have a strong mid section, focus on not being pushed away.

U do this at first for 15 sec…each leg 3 times…only after a week, u start with 30 sec. so u will soon notice the strength of your arms increase and start to notice your stomach being in better shape.

…for those of u who got problems with there back meaning: backbone or there spinal disc…this exercise will help u big time!

Another thing, be patient nothing comes in a week…

Thank u to “Ingemar Pohl” my lovely “Fitness Coach”




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