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“5″simple questions to Brose Baskets “BIG-Man” Maik Zirbes


“Age quod Agis” – this is how “Brose Baskets” center Maik Zirbes ends our little interview… if you gonna do something do it with 100 %!

… most of the “Basketball- Gurus” out there, forecast Maik to become one of the Basketball players in Germany who is going to make it: big time – I really hope so, cause I think behind that wall of a men, is a “fine” guy who has his heart in the right place.

…and I almost forget, the cutie pie next to him is Maiks’ girlfriend “Iva”…:)

Thank u Maik


1. … for a young player who developed his basketball skills at TBB Trier u made a quick step to the best team in the German league, Bamberg…from  7th place to 1st…is it a big change? How different is it?

It’s very different compared to Trier. The level we’re playing at right now is the highest in Europe. The pressure was never as high as it is right now, all the travelling and all the games are really exhausting, anyway by now I got used to it. Trier was a great time and I have to thank Hendrik Rödl and Thomas Paech for allowing me to transfer to Bamberg.


2. Not only did u change your team after this summer, u also contributed to the German national team for the first time… 2009 u already took a first look inside but just now made the step…How come it took 3 years to finally make a real deal out of u?

First I was too big and then…I needed 3 years to become established in the first league but now, everything worked out and I’m really happy that I finally got a chance. It makes me very proud to play for Germany and to sing the national anthem, not as a fan, but with the boys, giving everything for our country.

3. So I suppose everybody thinks of u as the next German center on the market, I would like to say you stepped into the footsteps of young “Tibor Pleis”… is that the same way u wanna go? Where does Maik Zirbes see himself after the end of his contract in 2015?

I wouldn’t say that I am stepping into Tibors’ footsteps, since we are pretty different players. I want to continue my hard work and “earn” my goal. In the year 2015 I see myself way more mature, maybe even more hardened.



4. U are a very quite person on the court and u never show that many emotions, so it is hard to figure out…who u really are!  …if u could describe your character in 5 words what would they be?

Unemotional? Haha I didn’t know that…ambitious, emotional, determined, vain, faithful

5. Your favorite quote and why?

“age quod agis”

if you gonna do something do it with 100 %





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