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“5″ simple questions to “Tbb Trier” baller & – Fashion-LUVER – Bastian Doreth…

Every Friday I am talking to a different guy in the Beko BBL, I almost forgot that one of my bloggers, 23 year old Bastian Doreth is playing for Trier. He is the best example for how much Sports and Fashion have in common. He is one of those, who shines with the perfect colors in his wardrobe & pulls out an incredible sense for details. Almost when u think u got the whole look figured out…u still find something that leaves the WOW effect, almost like “Pretty Women”, watched it a 100 million times, and it still inspires me


1. As a pro basketball player, what do u think is the biggest sacrifice u guys have to make?

For me it’s really hard to be far away from home at parts of the season. So I enjoy the summertime when I can be at home and hang out with my girl and my friends. But we, as pro Ballers chose that profession and everybody made his hobby his job so there is not too much to complain about :)

2. As an only-child, starting to practice a team sport, which is very interesting I think, when did u start? Did u learn easily to adjust to others?

First I wanted to become a soccer player, I started team sports really early at the age of four. I always loved it, to have teammates around me that’s, why I love basketball as a team sport so much.


3. U Also, like Phillipp Schwethelm, had to make a decision on whether u would rather stay or accept to be loaned to another team? For u as a real Bavarian guy it was probably not that easy? So how is it to be the first time away from the big city?

It is really not easy, cause I grew up close to Munich and I have a lot of good friends in Munich but I decided to leave. I learned a lot, being away from home and I think if I come back, I will enjoy it a lot more. I love life, that’s why it’s kinda hard. When you want to do something in you’re free time, besides basketball, it is almost impossible to do anything away from the big city, so it takes some getting used to it.

4. U know I luv your style, cause u got the right twist and the perfect details a man should have, so did u always have a sense for style?

Thank you :) I think I had times when I did not dress really well, but I went through all this skateboard, hip hop and basketball thing and I am trying to pick the best style parts out of the different cultures. 3-4 years ago I started buying a lot of sneakers and I really wanted to have a lot! Now I have tons, but now I love more the quality and the freshness then the quantity. And like you said I put more value on the details.

5. Last but not least: Your favorite quote

“It ain’t over till its over” Yogi Berra


Basitian is wearing:

Shirt – Cos, Chinos – Wood Wood, Shoes – Vans Authentic, Glasses – Ray Ban, Camera –  Nikon









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