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…ready for “New Year’s Eve” ?

…I ask myself the same questions at the end of every year:

1. How come the year went by so fast?

2. What did I do and how come I did not fulfill any of last years resolutions?!

3. What am I going to wear 2morrow night???

…as for guys the problem is easy to solve: suit, tuxedo or some casual pants with a nice shirt! We girls get crazy…dress, hair, shoes, makeup, purse…we want to match it all.

Not me this year…we all have a black dress in the closet, a basic casual black dress (if u do not own one, get one) cause with black u can never go wrong. Do not waist your time on a dress, pull out the perfect make up, the one with the “wow” effect…try something new…and I promise u…everybody will ask u: is the dress new?



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