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1st Advent…this weekend – going to get some presents? check out what I got for u…

…maybe u’ll find something …u are living in Berlin, go to the “Wald Berlin Store, Alte Schönhauserstrasse 32c”…get your favorite ring!!! 

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…taking my “Isabel Marant” pour H&M dress for a walk…

get the LOOK: I am wearing: dress-Isabel Marant H&M, Fur-Second Hand, Boots-Fiorentini baker, Bag-Proenza Schouler

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“TICKtackTICKtack”… time is running H&M goes “Isabel Marant”

…for those of u who are not able to catch a piece at 8 am in the morning…yeap no mistake the doors open this Thursday Nov.14, at 8 am …I collected some H&M pieces in stores now…so at least u … Continue reading