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1st day “All Star Weekend 2013 Houston” adidas Lounge

            The Adidas All Star Lounge is located right at the “Americas Hilton” Houston … a meet and greet for all players and adidas officials supporting their brand. “Brook Lopez” plays for the Brooklyn Nets…awesome … Continue reading

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“new in” – BLTEE Brian Lichtenbergs dope sweaters…

…during my short visit to London a month ago…damn time flies…I could not really find peace, I was craving for a buy…so I did my usual routine, matches, brown etc. and I saw this cool sweater in orange and I … Continue reading

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“Copa del Rey” Vitoria 2013…new home of german center “Tibor Pleiß”

23 year old German Center now playing for the well known Spanish team “Caja Laboral” in the second best league after the NBA, the ACB is going to have his debut at the “Copa del Rey” hosted by his city, … Continue reading

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Packed! Vamos “Copa del Rey”!

Hey u guys 2morrow starts the biggest tournament, after the playoffs, in the Spanish league called the ACB “Copa del Rey” … I would even say it is the most important tournament in Europe after the Euroleague Final 4, people … Continue reading

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#Stripemania – got to me :)

  Sripes – Lines call it whatever u want, it just got me. sure that this trend is going to be around us for a while… I bought these pants for 14.90 Euros…yeap! I just luv H&M!!! …please do … Continue reading