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Love is in the air, wine is in the glass! by Jovana Antovic

  Sorry for my absence. I had a chaotic February filled with work and LOVE. The winemakers and wine lovers in my country (Serbia) were occupied with festive preparations and celebrations of the 14th of February -the St. Trifun’s day. It’s … Continue reading

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“5″ simple questions to “Ricky Rubio” …Spanish “sweetheart” in the NBA

…Sunday again, 7 days past the All Star game in Houston…and I am still flashed by everything I have seen: organization, teams, brands, athletes…and all in all I have to say there are no better entertainers than the Americans, the … Continue reading

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mood board #6 = HOUSTON – FASHION – STYLE – BODY – SOUL

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“Street Styles” – London, Berlin, Paris and New York by Bastian Doreth

hey guys, In the last couple of weeks the style circus took place in the fashion metropolises all over the world. Brands and designers presented their upcoming collections. These fashion weeks are the most important events for bloggers, sellers and … Continue reading

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H&M Spring 2013 goes “Bohemian Style” by Sonja Ranau

I can’t wait until this collection is released! This week the new H&M collection will be in stores and it really reminds me of “Isabel Marant” but with a touch of Hippie Extreme! Here are some great pieces of the … Continue reading

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Houston “All-Star Game 2013 – SUNDAY”

All-Star Game 2013 suit tickets… Alicia Keys halftime performance… Kenneth Faried…”Denver Nuggets” youngstar earning MVP honors in the Rising Stars Challenge in Houston. my lovely friend Jelena Soce “Senior Sportsmarketing Manager” in her new in Marc by Marc Jacobs skinny jeans… … Continue reading