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“WISH-List”…maybe you’ll find something….

  Hey everybody, I put 2gether a little “Wish-List”, maybe u guys will find something u can get your girl, or get inspired by it…of course the list consists of expensive & cheap – big & little presents!!! …I just … Continue reading

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…need a recipe??? “Chicken Cacciatore”… by Ashley McNaughton

As x-mas is coming up … and almost everyone shares these few days with their loved ones…I ran out of recipes, I mean of course I could cook the same meal every day but “hey” how boring…and on the other … Continue reading

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…WATCHES…get it for your loved ones

I got a little inspiration from Bastians post yesterday… and since x-mas is coming up, I looked around and thought about what was the last present I got that made me really happy…so I just looked down at my wrist … Continue reading

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“Story of my life” … Alba Berlin vs Bayern Munich 2.12.2012…

…Actually my post today was supposed to be about Fashion & Style…but I just cannot hold back the feeling I have inside of me today. It is kind of weird and I wanna share it with u, from my point … Continue reading